Referring to Poker, players often think of Texas hold’em because this is the most popular variation of Poker and a lot of players participate. Besides that there are many articles about tips and how to play this variation. However, at this article cashbet168 would like to introduce players to the tips provided for classic and successful poker by many players.
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1. Don't let other players scare you.

When participating in betting, what players should be concerned about is the odds, the value of the cards and the opponent is the house instead of listening to the bettors around. Everyone wants to be the winner, so the player will choose to hit the spirit of the opponents around. So don't listen to the threats of the people next to the casino, shake your mood and lose your betting stability and ruin your time at the casino. The biggest consequence is losing the game. Instead of paying attention to things that are not worth it, players should focus at the table then learn from the experience, as well as reading books about Poker and spending time playing online poker to gain experience is better.

2. Understand and accept losing poker sessions.

Players should consider Poker as a life-like version of the game. Every player who contributes to the hand is contributing to those ups and downs. So there will be winners and losers. However, no one can win a lifetime and vice versa, no one completely loses when betting.

If the player finds that a losing hand is happening in the hand, it is usually steady and continuous. Don't worry too much, review your playing style and find the defect so you can fix it. Remember that even the best poker players can lose. No player at the table wins, so don't worry, focus on the decisions to get the best hand.

3. Take active breaks when needed:

Play betting is for entertainment and enjoyment. There are many players to earn extra income, but whatever it is, you have to rest when your body is needed. Players can not bet on their own, if they stop at the right time, the spirit will be stable, players will feel comfortable and can think more logically, thereby making many correct decisions when Betting.

Players can do whatever they can to clear their mind and establish a steady state of action before taking part in the game and sitting at the poker table. Morale plays an important role in any case, and Poker betting is no exception.

4. Play in the Player's Bankroll:

Each player has their own budget, which is how much money the player can pay for their current and upcoming bets. Do not sit at a poker table if you do not have confidence in money or a bank account can not afford to pay. The individual bet limit is not the same. Players should consider and analyze each game how much money they need, how much are likely to spend, and how much they can recoup. If you feel everything at hand, master the game and comfortably participate in betting, then the player will join. Remember, if the card is the tool to play the game of poker money is the tool to keep the game going.

5. Remember Poker casino and Poker at home are not the same thing.

Usually poker players at traditional casinos are more skilled than home poker players. Poker at casinos always charges a fee, which is the percentage of each game the casino collects in order to cost the casino's services.

Players at the table, if they have the same level and skill, when participating in training, the interaction between players gradually improves together. The player with the better skills wins and makes a profit. Poker at home is a form of practice that saves players time, money and effort.

6. Play the familiar poker bets.

Not a single person participated in Poker betting without knowing Texas Hold’em. This is the most popular variation of Poker. Today, Texas Hold’em is increasingly growing, especially on the internet and casinos all offer this variation. Players who want to win, should choose it, because it's popular, popular with many people. Definitely beneficial for the player, the new player to participate in betting a lot. In addition, Texas Hold’em has a simple, fast transaction, saves time and attracts many people's attention. Its popularity means that players wherever players go can take part in betting.

7. Limit alcohol consumption while betting.

Traditional casinos have excellent customer service. One of the caveats at casinos is that players are served food and drinks on the spot, so the casino will hold players back longer. Poker casinos offer free food and drink, but players should be cautious because hot drinks sometimes make players less alert to play. Alcohol interferes with a player's judgment and logical thinking. So I should replace coffee or water instead of alcohol.

8. Do not show the card to others.

The poker table is often crowded with people to choose from and it is easy for players to accidentally see your board playing at the same table. This is really difficult to avoid, but it is also a big mistake. Players should be careful, limit their cards to avoid being revealed. All the player does is fold the corners just enough to see the cards and choose the right hand level for themselves.

9. Practice learning more.

Learning and practice is the best way to improve your betting skills. There are countless ways for poker players to bring their own knowledge. Poker is a famous game and many books and clips were introduced to teach players how to bet on Poker, how to win Poker, ... The top poker players in the world today are making money. from the media that teaches Poker. What's more, there are international level professional gambling matches, players can follow to learn more.

10. Stay in a good mood while playing.

Anyway, a stable temperament, playing in the most comfortable state can bring the best results. Even the best player to achieve the most wins should enjoy the game of betting instead of rushing to play just to make money. A betting game that is inspired by the player, the game extends and evolves even further.


Above are the 10 best tips on playing Poker betting at Live Casino Singapore wants to send to readers. These tips can work for any player, of any skill level. These are all applicable to players and each of them plays an important role in the development of a participants' thinking and gambling skills.

Top Countries In Casino Tourism

If the growth of the internet has helped the online casino industry to grow, tourism and resorts have made the land-based casino more robust.

According to statistics each year, the number of tourists in the world flock to countries with land casinos more and more. Some places like Vegas or Macau really attract people. Land based casinos today are a combination of resort, play, not just a place to gamble and then return. Perhaps so, land based casinos have always had a strong foothold in the casino industry.

Here are the top countries in the casino and tourism industry. If you have the opportunity to travel abroad, please visit the following places if you want to play and remember to exchange currency before playing. Don't forget to make sure you are a responsible gambler.

China (Macao)

First of all, China, home to many famous land casinos. And there's no better place to bet than Macau. Although it is a small administrative area, it has a great reputation not only in China but also in the world. This is considered the cradle of gambling culture in Asia. Macau is known as the Monte Carlo of the East, also a formidable opponent of Vegas - where is dubbed the gambling capital in the world.

Currently Macau has 33 casinos, the revenue here contributes 50% to the country's economy. Besides, Forbes- a casino in 33 casinos is ranked 6th among the 20 largest casinos in the world.

Not only that, every casino here is supported to participate in live casino Singapore. However, tourists who come here still choose land based casinos because they want to test the flashy feeling.

United States (Vegas)

Vegas is like a miniature picture of casino tourism. This is considered an oasis of the gambling industry with more than 75 casinos.

In addition, associated with the casino is the grand party. Including Bellagio, the fountain show with 40 Poker tables was held in the high-class area. The top poker players in the world gathered here, all professional and each game they played as a show for the viewer.

Caesars Palace has a different style and appearance. Players enter here like entering a royal palace in Hollywood. Different casinos offer different experiences.


Legalized a betting game in 2005 Singapore now owns two of the world's largest casino resorts. Marina Bays Sands and World Sentosa. Without the appearance of casinos, Singapore is a city with many new names and a combination of contrasts.

The central location of Singapore is where many players stop by. This island attracts many players to participate in betting. Besides, it also expands online betting. The number of people involved in online gambling in Singapore is not a small number and is inferior in land casinos.

United Kingdom (London)

Compared to other famous places, British gambling at the present time is still booming. London continues to build many casinos combined with resorts, such complexes are very competitive.

Want to see the busy gambling, there are many forms in Europe, please come to London. 100 land based casinos spread across the country and players don't need to go far to participate.

Aspers Casino is the best casino in London with 70 tables and 150 slot machines. There is also the Crockfords Club which is also an equally famous place, this is the oldest private club in the world.

Monaco (Monte Carlo)

Coming to Monte Carlo casino players will feel like visiting a royal area in Europe. This place has long been a place for the aristocracy to gamble. Monte Carlo was built by regent named Monaco, Princess Caroline and Prince Florestan I.

After this, this place is considered the temple for everything gambling. Every year, up to 7 million visitors come here. Each player must pay € 10 for a single entry if they wish to participate in gambling or participate in tournaments like the annual Poker Stars Championship.


So it can be seen that in any way, the gambling industry is still thriving. Besides the flashy betting places mentioned above, there are many casinos around the world that organize betting for players to participate. Not to mention the increasingly convenient online betting system, meeting many needs and desires of the player. In Singapore, the number of people participating in online betting every year is extremely large, the number does not stop but continues to increase daily. And one of the online casinos in Singapore that can not be ignored is 3Win8, launched not long ago but growing rapidly thanks to quality, prestige and absolute safety.

Gambling is one of the fascinating entertainment in the world. Players can participate in many interesting betting games such as: Roulette, Baccarat, Slot, Sic Bo, Blackjack, etc. at traditional casinos as well as online casinos. Becoming a master of all gambling games is always the desire of all players. That is why we are here to help you.

Here are the things you need to remember if you want to become a master in Blackjack. Let's see!


1. Understand the basic rules of the game

Each game has a basic rule and if you want to win, you must know those basic rules.

Every player who starts joining Blackjack understands that learning requires 21 points to beat the house. However, there are many players who do not understand the terms that the operator gives them. Before playing with real money betting, carefully understand the requirements such as double down, split your hand, or surrender your hand so you can master the strategy to increase your chances of winning.

If you use double down, you can get 1 more card and be allowed to double your bet.

If you receive 2 of the same cards and you split your hand, you can use these 2 cards as two separate bets.

When you own a bad post, you can surrender your hand and protect the safety of half of your stake.
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2. Reduce the house edge advantages

There are many reasons why the house always has an advantage over the player.

First, the player must always be the first to act and not know the face-down card and the hole card.

Second, the dealer will win if your hand exceeds 21 points.

The victory you get will depend on these things. So, by all means reduce the advantage of the house you are facing.


3. Learn more Blackjack strategy

 You will be able to become stronger players by learning how to play certain games. With this type of probability-winning game, research and make a clear plan to determine your exact choice.

You may find it difficult to remember clearly how to act in different situations. But the more you play, the more experienced you will get and the easier you will remember your ways.

The strategies you learn will help you a lot during the betting process. So, make sure all your strategies are reasonable.

4. Learn the rules before playing

Each casino has Blackjack games and they all have different rules. Many casinos apply a multi-card rule to limit your ability to track your winnings and counting.

Many casinos require players to stop at 17 points even though this is a rule that puts players at risk. Meanwhile, the house is allowed to play number 17.

Remember to avoid continuous shuffle machines! These devices may track your tags and notify the dealer. and the dealer will not draw the card you want.


5. Check the table’s blackjack rules.

In addition to checking and understanding the rules of the game, you also need to find out the payout ratio of Blackjack at the casinos.

If you win with 21 points. Some Blackjack tables pay you 3: 2 payout, meaning you bet $ 2 and get $ 3. Meanwhile, some tables offer 6: 5 payouts.

If you bet twice for the first bet, you will win 12 units if you bet 10 units.
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6. Increase your bet when the odds are in your favor. 

There are many high value cards in the deck and they will make it easier for you to win if you own them. The longer you play, the better you understand the value of the useful cards in the deck. Once you have a good understanding of the cards, you can act with them and understand your odds of winning. Meanwhile, you will easily realize that increasing the bet will be of great benefit to you. Knowing the card increases the odds will be essential for you to win Blackjack.

7. Plan your own strategy

Remember that there is no easy win. In a game of blackjack, you want to win, you have to be consistent with the essentials, throughout your bet. Any game becomes easier if you have a specific strategy and plan. Instead of playing inertia, the tactics you learn will earn more victories.


8. Avoid buying insurance.

At casinos including online casinos, in the case of the house there is a Blackjack, most dealers will suggest and give you an option to buy insurance. The essence of this option is for you to bet on the side that the Blackjack belongs to the dealer.

You will win the side bet if the house has Blackjack but you will lose the first bet. winning side bets will help you get back some of your money in a short time. However, if you want to win big then you will have to bet long term.

For beginners, they won't know how to predict the dealer's card, or whether the dealer has a 10 card under an Ace? However, the good News is that players can use the information of card counters to win money in this bet.


The article above offers you some tips that you need to know to become a Blackjack master. Hopefully, you can apply these tips to win Blackjack and become the best player in Blackjack! Good luck!